About noisewhore

noisewhore started in 2014. Argia Adhidhanendra was in high school with Kareem Soenharjo. They made a zine with the most offensive name. The zine stopped.

Argia went on to college and met a bunch of new friends. They started to organize shows for local acts that they liked at the time. It grew behind everyone’s comprehension, up to the point where they handled one international show per month, as college kids. They organized independent shows for Mitski, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Japanese Breakfast and American Football among many others.

In 2020, five remaining personnel shifted gears into music distribution. Thus, The Store Front was born out of necessity, seeing artists floundering with little to no income. In 2021, the platform has amassed IDR 121Mn for independent artists.

After endless rotation of workers, noisewhore is settled in 2022 with the following personnel:

Argia Adhidhanendra

Danang Joewono

Aliyya Asra

Ihza Bayu Widodo

Rofi Ayyasy

Kevin Silalahi